Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Ever-Behind-Blogger Works on Her Behind

I used to blog EVERY DAY. Sometimes more than once. What happened?! Well, to say I'm 'too busy' is just bull. I'm no more or less busy now than I was then. I work the same job full time, have pretty much the same responsibilities and, oh yeah, I still go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I'm still working on Dad's book, but it's evolving and I am still feeling out a few chapters. Rome wasn't built in a day and my first book worth publishing won't be writen in a summer either.

So what am I working on lately?

My butt. I do A LOT of squats. A lot of HEAVY squats. 
I don't look as pretty as this gal does doing them (though I'm pretty sure mine are heavier, so I'll take that over a coordinated weight belt any day of the week and twice on Sunday).
Two month progress photos will be posted TOMORROW! I'm kinda excited about that. My Sailor may end up accompanying me to the Gym as well, which will be awesome if it works out - though it's going to be awesome either way. I'm this beautiful mix of excitment and anxiety about going to the gym. More excitement than anxiety though. On my in-between gym days, I keep active by walking or jogging mostly.
The goal is to keep my hips limber, despite the pressure I'm putting on them (safely) three times a week, so I'm not really looking at pacing much right now. Learning to SLOW DOWN is always a challenge for me in all aspects of life, so this is a good, quite literal, excersize in that.
Yeah, This isn't me either, but it's oh-so-true.
 Lifting has proven to be an amazing outlet. Whatever has gotten me down (job, adoption hang ups, Dad getting sick, etc.) I seem to always be able to channel that to the bar. Trainer Guy pushes me, but is a great coach. Having someone ensure I'm being safe is reassuring for all involved.

FridayMy Sailor and I didn't actually ever do a belated Anniversary night. But ya know, I expected that and we have an awesome date night coming up! Tomorrow, we're going to see a new musical based on one of my all-time favorite movies SecondHand Lions. I've been waiting with baited breath to see if we could afford the splurge of tickets (because if you're not sitting where you can see, I don't see the point in going at all), dinner out, and the transport to and from Seattle.
I'm really hoping this is better than Aladdin. I've been in and to enough new musicals to know they often need to get their feet under themselves before they are ready for mass consumption, but I think this heartfelt story (along with a script written by some serious talents in the business) should have a great chance at becoming a classic. So my Friday will be packed with work, progress photos, training with Trainer Guy, dinner 'in the city', and what will be a fun night at the theater at the very least.
Great way to kick off the weekend.

SaturdayTaking a quiz for a new job possibility before I get back to working at my current paying day job. There will be some fence progress made, general housekeeping, and some organizing of the storage space.  Full day already.

SundayMy day off!
At least from the paying gigs. I'll probably get a bunch of writing down, maybe some more organizing done, and then.... drumroll.. Soccer!
My Sailor signed us up for an indoor soccer league that meets once a week in Bremerton. We played together last week (lost miserably, but had a blast) and I'm looking forward to playing again. It's a great way to get some running in and make some new friends. Though My Sailor won't be able to make it to this game, well, that's never really stopped me from doing anything before.

I see no reason to change that policy now.
(Luckily for me, My Sailor agrees and wants me to go no matter what.)
Did I mention I'm a lucky gal?
Guess what I found on my work black board today when I got to work -

A note scrawled:
 "I (heart) you so much love. You are an inspiration to many."
Me and My Sailor
He's good at making my day.

Other Upcoming GoodiesWe're (gulp) meeting with a contractor to expand the 2nd floor of our house into an office, rec room, and (true) master suite. Hopefully this won't be too much of a financial stretch. After getting our quote, we'll be doing more adoption talk to decide how we want to proceed (private, foster, local, international, etc) before we head to the bank and see about refinancing the house to include all these goodies.

We'll see how things pan out! I'm proud to say I think My Sailor is 'ready'now! After a recent hiccup pushed the issue a bit, he came up with a fabulous idea.
He decided that once a week we'll have 'adoption day'. We'll do whatever paperwork or class we can once a week (it could be a floating day, depending on his schedule), but after finishing a prescribed task, we'll celebrate with a meal out (even if it's Subway) and something 'date night ish' as a 'reward'.

Hey - whatever works.

I really like the idea actually. I won't feel like we're treading water quite so much - 'cause we're kinda stuck until we get this homestudy done - and now MY paperwork needs to be updated to include Dad's death.

Someday soon I'll post 5 random questions from the autobiography questionerre, so you'll have an idea what this will include. If I were to print out all the forms, they would cover over 180 pages...

See you in the Progress photos tomorrow!

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