Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reaching Critical Mass

Critical Mass is the amount of fissile material needed to sustain nuclear fission.
It's finally starting to happen. I predicted it would happen a few months ago, but it's actually starting to happen in a much bigger, more noticable way.

I've finally reached what I refer to as critical mass.

This past year, I've been really working at making my work outs part of my daily life - making them as necessary as brushing my teeth or going to work. I refuse to say I'm 'transforming' my life. Life is all about change and at the heart of all of the gym work outs and dietary adjustments, I'm still me - the geeky girl that dances around the house in front of the dogs while making dinner, or gets completely giddy at the thought of a Disney World vacation.

Back around February, I predicted that, eventually, my body would reach a point where the muscle mass starts truly eating away the body fat and the scale will start going down instead of bouncing around the same 5-8lbs.

Well, it seems that the scale is actually consistantly heading downward. Now, I don't weigh myself often. I know full well that nearly ANYTHING can cause that number to go up or down, from the amount of sleep I've gotten to the time of month (or even day). I also can't attribute all of this to just working out hard. I'm sure the Paleo style diet is helping as well. I do notice I feel a lot less bloated and achy since going wheat free. It's a bit more work in the kitchen, but completely worth it. It took a while for me to stop missing bread, but now, I actually not even like the taste of most of the junk food.

I can't attribute all of the changes to my diet alone. In fact, my allergies are completely kicking into high gear, so I imagine the water retention will kick back in with them, but
the scale is probably honestly the least important measurement of how my efforts are paying off.

I measure my progress more by looking in the mirror and being
surprised to see a leaner version of me staring back.
Zombie 5k in August with My Sailor and my Brother In Law
I don't despise clothes shopping like I used to (though I still prefer to fly solo for that, or go with a good gal pal).

No, I'm still 'me'.  I don't feel particularly unleashed, but that's probably because I came out of the shadows a long time ago.
 I do feel a tad more confident in a short skirt,
a lot more confident in the gym,
And I am very very glad to report that the plan is working.

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