Friday, September 27, 2013

Caught Staring

I spent a good portion of my life looking down. It took years for me to gain the confidence to look people in the eye. When  I did look in the mirror, it was just to pop a zit (don't squirm, you know you've done it too) or pick apart other flaws. Tummy too round, hips too wide, and so many stretch marks that a doctor once assumed I'd had a baby...or two (gotta love a good irony), nose too round... you name it, I saw it all as imperfect and unlovably ugly.
Yes, the confident woman you read now wasn't born that way. I faced down a lot of demons and came out the other side with LOTS of help and lots of love from some good friends, family, and professionals.
That said...the mirror is no longer my enemy.  That doesn't mean I spend hours staring at myself but every once in a while, I check out my progress visually, shall we say...
Something My Sailor doesn't always appreciate.
Overheard from the bathroom after a work out this week was something I never thought I'd hear. 
"Honey, stop checking out your ass and get in the shower!" - My Sailor
Guilty as charged but, hey!
 After spending nearly two-thirds of my life living in a dark, insecure place, I think I'm allowed to enjoy my...assets.

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