Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One Foot In Front Of The Other and 2 Scoops Of Determination

Post Work Out Glisten
Man... it's Wednesday and it's already been a rough week.

BUT I'm not going to use this blog for complaining land. Instead, I'm going to champion my own happiness here and talk about my triumph for the day.

I woke up at 3:45am with My Sailor, but I couldn't bring myself to work out just yet. I stumbled through breakfast and my morning, getting back to work and hemming and hawing about getting a work out in or not. Old me would have said, "Eh... it's month end (aka Crunch time) at the day job... I'm tired.... I'm still sore from yesterday's work out...I don't have time to go to the gym today because I have to work a bunch, especially if I want to be done in time to have a few precious hours with My Sailor when he gets off work..."

Well, lunch time rolled around and the sky just opened up. I mean, Noah-getting-ready-for-the-flood-style rain. So, maybe going for a jog wasn't a good idea? Maybe I should just do what I did yesterday when I hurt my foot? (Foot is still bruised, but at least I can tolerate shoes and socks today so I think I avoided a fracture... Thanks, Odin.)

There was a break in the rain and I went downstairs. After grabbing a glass of water, I had a conversation with Clydas, my Boxer Dog. (Hey, I live alone most of the time, so yes, Clydas comes off as a pretty good listener sometimes!)  With a little pep talk, it was decided I was more likely to work out if I got into work out clothes.

Okay... I can do that. So I changed.

Then I figured, "Well, if I stay close to home, I shouldn't get TOO wet if it rains again..." So I headed out the door for today's C25K.

.7 miles into my run portion (which was supposed to be 2.35 miles) the sky opened up again. I decided to cut the run short, but make it harder. So I headed down a to a dead end street... that happened be at base of a killer hill. On my way down the hill, I got a surprise! A doe was grazing on a well mowed lawn! Now, while that's not an exciting sight for most people who live on the Kitsap Penninsula, it was to this Southern Californian native! I knew we lived in deer country, but I hadn't really seem them in over a year. It was beautiful to watch her graze in the rain...

So Faline (how's THAT for an obscure Disney reference?!) supervised my progress up the hill. I made it back home just as the rain STOPPED, ironically enough. So, according to my RunDouble App, I got 1.3 miles in about 12:35 minutes. Not too shabby, considering the obstacles.

I needed to mix things up today though. A simple run wasn't doing it for me.

So I repeated the Body Weight Work Out Of The Day I found online yesterday. It goes something like this:

35 squats
35 knee to elbow touch
35 more squats
35 sit ups
35 knee to ground lunges
and just in case you're missing the theme here -
 35 MORE squats

Yesterday, I did it in 9 minutes and 11 seconds - though I was wrangling dogs who thought watching me do sits ups and such was GREAT fun that they NEEDED to get in on.

Today, I crated the beasties and took another crack at it.

Beat yesterday's time solidly! Today's time was 8 minutes, 46 seconds!


My thighs are going to HATE me tomorrow. For those doing the math, that's over 200 squats in 2 days!

The moral of the story? Physics has a point. An object in motion wants to remain in motion.

Wear out, don't rust out. Right, Dad?
My body will thank me later.

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