Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One more shopping trip

Hard to believe it's been almost a week since I've updated this!

Though I still have some goods left from my last shopping trip - I decided I wanted more than salad and scrambled eggs, so I went out shopping for the week - AND kept it under $30. AND bought different stuff. Impressed yet?  ;)

So, here's this week's haul. This time, I stopped at 2 different stores:

Not bad, eh?
I didn't bring a list with me this time. I knew what I was looking for. Another pack of crumpets, fruit, and another lean source of protien other than eggs. Something to liven things up wouldn't hurt too since I'm out of salsa and other spicy finds. 
Trader Joes (Total: $4.98)
1 packet blueberry crumpets
1 16oz bag of Turkey meatballs

Henry's (Total: $21.54)
1.91  lbs of Gala Apples
1 bunch celery
12 oz salsa
12 oz Colby cheddar cheese block
(I saved over $1 by not paying for the slices which cost an extra dollar for only 8 slices of cheese!) 1 lb Roma Tomatoes
(I still have 2 tomatoes left from last week's run, but I use 'em up quickly, and always by them a little on the firm side, so they last and are more flavorful.)1 package cloversprouts
1 Red bell pepper
(Eating colorful foods makes you feel more satisfied - that's why you can eat a TON of golden fried food. It's all one color!)
2 green bell peppers
(2 of these because they were on sale and are very versitile)1 Hass Avocado
1 package whole wheat pita bread
(My splurge since they were out of my favorite greek yogurt - the sale stuff went fast!)16oz extra firm tofu
(Under $2 and will last at least 2 good stirfry meals. I still have some Bok Choy to use up from last week.)1 Yellow onion
(I was out of my dehydrated onion I season things with, so why not go fresh for under $1?)3 Luna Bars
(Yum! $1 each)$.05 bag credit (since I brought my own shopping bag.

Grand total of groceries this week:

Yes, I could have cut out a few items and kept it under $20-$25, but I'm okay if it's just around $25. ;)

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