Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Eve

All of my fellow bloggers are giving a nod to Valentine's Day, so I figured I might as well join in.

I've heard arguments pro Valentine's Day and against it. As for me, I'm for the idea of it.

It's sad that people need an excuse to make the significant people in their lives feel special. That said, I'm glad there is a holiday that gives those that may not be die-hard-romantics a reason to celebrate one of the things that makes life worth living - Love.

Here's the interesting thing about me and Valentine's Day.

I'd rather have a picnic, than a fancy dinner out.
I'd rather have a handwritten love letter, than a card dreamed up by Hallmark.
I'd rather have my favorite flower or some exotic rose, rather than the traditional red ones.
I'd rather have the time, attention, and focus of my loved one, rather than the gift of diamonds.

So what would be my recipe for a perfect Valetine's Day this year?

A lesiurely, well planned picnic in the park, exchanging love letters - with an orchid somewhere in sight.

Ah well - a girl can dream!

Hope you all have a great day - and remember - take time to give the one thing that can't be lost, stolen, or broken. Your time. On someone you care for, it's never a wasted.


  1. You will be very proud of me. For Jake's birthday, I wrote him a poem, and it rhymes! :) xoxo