Monday, February 1, 2010

It's funny, the things we keep...

Organizing (or attempting to organize) for a move is always an interesting experience. I always come across something I didn't expect. Tonight was no different.

As I went through the 'random stuff' drawer in the kitchen, I found a few interesting items.

A card from ProFlowers from the last set of flowers delivered to my house -
Dated in the summer of 2006, the card read simply:
"J-Babe, just wanted to let you know you're awesome. - Jon"
This guy earned major bonus points by sending me a large bundle of my favorite flowers, purple and white Dendrobium Orchids.

The best part of those flowers?
He wasn't apologizing.
There was no special occasion.
Yet he remembered my favorite flower, in my favorite color, and sent them for my favorite occasion -
Just Because.

Where's this Prince Charming Canidate now?
He's a happily married man, to someone I'm sure is a great fit for him. There's no doubt in my mind that she's being treated like a queen. And that thought makes me smile.

A scratcher good for a free $2 ticket

Who would have thought I would have let this little gem slip by me?
I don't normally purchase scratchers, or play the lottery. Every summer I buy a scratcher or two. I think the most I've ever won is $5. (Which, after you take out the cost of the ticket, is more like a $3 win.)
Who knows! Maybe the ticket this one gets me will make me a millionare (Ha! Yeah right!).

Random bits of poetry and quotes...
I've been known to jot down things that I find some deeper truth lurking in.
"Shaking your sword at the sky won't keep the sun from setting. " - Terry Goodkind
"Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it." - Randy Pausch
Other times, well, I've always said, "Poetry is simply giving your heart the pen - and letting your soul take to page."

"Untitled" - J. Darling
I still remember that first kiss
Sometimes I live there
I remember it clearly
Simply in a parking lot
Unceremonious and sweet
Serenely passionate
A sudden perfect fit...
Gaurds stood down
Abundant hearts stood open


Now there isn't time for kisses
Isn't time for breath
The storm never ends.
No respite
No luxury of time
No time for desire
Lips forgot how to kiss
Gaurds stand always armed
Trust splinted and shattered
lacking renew...
Faith broken
and I've not the heart strong enough to bridge it....

"Untitled" - J. Darling
This is how it starts
This is how always does
I remember it too well

I used to see the magic
That sparkle in the eye
Now I see the black
Of hair...the shoulder...
The well muscled back...

But then creeps on the hourglass
Stifling sands flood down
Drowning the "I miss you"s and "I'm thinking of you"s
Until we stumble on "I love you"
On our way to "Goodbye".

(As you, dear readers, can see, I'm fairly prolific, privately, when it comes to my love life. I just choose for it not to be the subject of debate at this time.)

I'm sure I'll find more things along this journey. Some, like the poetry and lottery ticket, are well worth savings. Others? Well, like the flower card, I enjoy the memory that makes me smile, wish my friend Jon well - and am happy to let that piece of my past go. And hopefully there will be more smiles delivered someday in my future for the best occasion of all... Just Because.

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