Monday, January 25, 2010

Small Escapes

Every so often, I crave the open road.

Today is definitely one of those days.

Work is especially demanding, as it is every last week of the month. Bills need to be addressed at home. And I would LOVE to get out of responsibilities for a little while and just explore someplace I’ve never been before – or explore some of the wonderful places I’ve been a bit deeper.  Like visiting the Queen Mary or going up to LA or San Fransico for a weekend away.

However, the reality is, I can’t just up and disappear (no matter how I’d like to somedays). While here at work, I can use Podcasts and music to keep my severe case of wanderlust in check.

Since I have confidence that I won’t die a spinster, I’m taking a cue from Sistah’Girl and seeking the deep seeded joy in the solace and freedom that comes from (what I call) ‘flying solo’. For example: If I want a movie tonight, I don’t have to consult anyone else as I select a movie from Blockbuster or buy a ticket at the theater.


Sure, it would be GREAT to have someone to help with dishes and curl up with at the end of the day and all that jazz. Don’t get me wrong – I have some great memories from that life. Since the ex and I lead very busy lives, I rarely took those little day-to-day moments for granted.

So tonight, I’m looking forward to all the small escapes I have at my finger tips at home.

Like, some time with the dog, making dinner, working out (yeah P90X!), a cup of tea, a bubble bath and some reading material. Ah- the simple life. ;)  

What are some of your simple escapes?

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  1. Renting a really girly movie and watching all alone, cuddled up on my couch. I love my "me" time! It's so important to have. Or blasting the radio and singing really loud, and dancing like I'm on Broadway!!!!