Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"I'm having 'a moment'."

I haven't blogged much about the Roasted Bear Tour 2009 (aka Disneyworld w/ Sistah'Girl).

But for anyone who's ever experienced 'happy tears', I think you'll get where I'm coming from with this one.

It's no secret that the trip we'd been planning all year ment a lot to us. Each for our own reasons were conquering the bears that haunt our lives. For reasons I'm not going to explain on this blog, it was important to me that I go back there. And there was no better person to go back with than my best friend.

Our first morning was spent with the Princesses doing the Storybook Breakfast in EPCOT...

And then went on some rides....

And started our tour of the world (World Showcase that is)....

But I don't think we had that overwhelming "Wow" moment, tears and all, until the first look down Main Street later that night...
Now, there are some people out there who 'get it'. They understand what it means to 'have a moment' with someone they care for - to be so disctinctly moved and overwhelmed that it comes out with speechless tears.

For those that don't 'get it', it's simply this:
Memories made with those we love are the greatest gifts we can give one another. Unlike the things we brought home from this trip, they can never be stolen, broken, lost, or replaced. The times we spend with one another, the giving of ourselves, the help we render each other as we each hunt our own bears, the true gifts of a lifetime are the gifts of ourselves.

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