Monday, October 19, 2009

"Paranormal Activity" - my review

There is a lot of buzz about this movie that promises to be this generations "Blair Witch". Curiousity got the best of me and I ended up seeing it last night.
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And ya know what?

It's not the "Blair Witch" of this generation. Several times I had to look away from the screen due to the single camera jostling during the film. I never had to do that in Blair which, but I am attributing that to the fact that "Blair Witch" was shot largely in black and white or night vision, if I remember correctly.

This movie is also slightly mismarketed. In fact, in my opinion, it's pretty much mistitled.

It's not so much a movie about the progression of a haunting. In fact, there is no ghost involved. Instead it's a move about the progression of a possession.

It starts out slow, as we get to know the young couple. It even has some laugh out loud funny moments during scenes were they do mundane things like brush their teeth. These 2 characters are much prettier than the Blair Witch cast. Her hair never really looks like she slept on it - you know, the basic hollywood stuff. But that's not necessarily too much of a detraction from the story.

As most movies of this type go, things are slow for a while. Unexplained foot steps on the stairs...a creaky door that movies for seemingly no reason... just basic simple theater tricks that honestly had me more giggling than frightened.

In fact, between the nausea from the motion sickness, and the slow pick-up, I almost left the theater considering the movie a waste.

But it was FAR from a waste...

The acting of the lead actress just gets better and better. Her terror is very real. Her boyfriend's reaction to it all at some points seems pompus, but knowing their age bracket, and the character's occupation (a day trader), it doesn't come of as unbelievable that this guy is skeptical yet deeply desires to be in control.

I don't want to spoil anything, but the scare at the end is well worth sticking it out.

Oh - and one more thing I loved - the lack of soundtrack and credits. No credits in the begining or the end of the film gave it a much more realistic feel. It simply opens with a note from Paramount Pictures thanking the"families" of the couple for the footage.

I believe most of the audience in the full theater I was in felt the same way. While many chatted, laughed, and made cynical commentary through the film, by the time it ended - there wasn't a peaceful soul left on the room.

Highly recommended... if sleeping at night isn't on your agenda. The irrational fear of the dark takes a good long time to shake! In fact, I saw the film almost 12 hours ago, and have no fear of demons, and I'm still a bit jumpy!

So far - this is your best bet for a Halloween spook.

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