Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween at the office

That's me, under Elphaba's skin on the left. (This photo is my favorite because I didn't know what my co-worker was doing on the other side of the portable wall. I was just told "Cast a Spell", so I did!)
At a friend's Halloween party last year. I was going for "black bird". You can't see the feathers in my hair or my giant black feathered wings in this photo.

The "black bird" was actually a punt, after I realized that people no longer read anything aside from blogs or e-mails.

My original costume last year?
Well, that was a specific black bird...
"Quoth the ________....Nevermore...."

This year I was too busy to think up anything new, so I'm revisiting Elphaba. So far so good!

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