Wednesday, April 1, 2020

When the World Paused - Day 15ish

The guidance has been given out that we're going to be under "Stay home;stay healthy" rule for another month (let's face it - at least). That's actually granted me some freedom. To know that I won't have plans out of the house allows me to lean into the curve a little harder.  Over the past few days, we've been our usual busy selves...
Foraging for Stinging Nettles, thanks to one of her teachers at school.

The results of Make Your Own Taco Night. I think her shells became a pirate ship?

Sometimes everyone wants a peice of you. 2 dogs and 2 people in this picture.
 It's been a LOT of ups and downs. Days that start great sometimes end in tears for the kiddo. We make it as good as we can in the end. We've been doing a lot of 'holding space', which is something I'm pretty good at for myself, but learning to help The Impossible Girl through as well.
It's been Box week at school. 

I think this was a pool.

Dinner out of her school lunch box. Familiar routines feel good sometimes.

Lunch picnics in the car - in the drive way - every day. This one came with a nature book she picked out.
 We love getting outside. I realized, with all of this isolation going on, that I liked going out with the kiddo because I have no distractions. I can focus on her. I'm not thinking about the floor that is dirty or the barking dog, or the chores that linger on forever. Right now, I know that's the best thing I have to offer.  That's the best combatant against the ever prevading loneliness.
School in the morning. 
 She is always surprising me, and I'm grateful for this little spirit in my everyday life, even when I'm completely exhausted.
planting our seedlings

You have no idea the amount of work it took to get this table cleared off and wiped down...

Post bed time kettlebell workout. 
 The world is a very complicated place right now. Our day to day lives are pretty simple. Remembering that, breathing it in, and living in it is helpful. I'm learning about the balance between discipline and grace, and caring for others and self care. As a military wife, I've become friends with the envitable dark clouds of seperation. The anxiety is a little but heightened, but I trust that they are keeping My Sailor safe. 

 And if we can't hang out, maybe we can howl at the same moon...

We got an invation for a neighborhood howl at 8pm.
It was a fun 10 seconds.

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