Thursday, April 23, 2020

When the World Paused - Bandaids are Okay.

So we've been living in this in-between for over a month. Days are blurring together and thank GOD for Magnolia Preschool and their web classes. It really gets us going in the morning.
I did not make this - but it sure is funny.
 Today, we slept in. All of us slept in... even the dogs weren't interested in getting out of bed until 9am. (Since, by then, the kiddo and both dogs are in my room anyway, it's not really an issue.) And to top it off, I was digitally productive, handing bill paying (Odin's life saving surgery from a year and a half ago is PAID OFF! Yeah!) and dishes, but that was sort of where the productivity ended for the day. Dishes was the one thing I crossed off the to-do list I made the night before. Instead, the kiddo just wanted to lounge, play PBS Kids games, and watch her favorite youtube families. I noticed that this came after an especially tough sadness session missing My Sailor, so I get it.
 It happens.
Sometimes we just need a bandaid to stop the bleeding so we can heal.
Sometimes those bandaids come in the form of games, dance parties, hot chocolate and nature.

 We took a drive to Shineland state park. Yes, it's closed. We didn't go in. We didn't get out of the car. We sat in the car with a cookie and a cup of tea/hot chocolate and rolled down the windows. We listened to the animals and spotted some beautiful birds, and we talked. Well, she talked. I listened. It was a good hour.  Back at home, it was back to games and tv time. She picked her favorite youtube families to watch. I don't mind. They remind her what it's like when all of us are here and life is a little more normal. (And sometimes their antics give me ideas of games to play at home with her too.)

And by midnight, I'm wrapping up my night, and she's crawling into my bed after a bad dream.

I read a lot of things about bandaids. We all have our emotional 'bandaids'.  When things feel overwhelming and we just need to recoup before dealing with it again. In this case, none of the stressors are going away any time soon.

So some days we just need bandaids to stop the bleeding - so tomorrow we can heal a bit and face the days again.

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