Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Holidays 2015

Chilling out and enjoying the Christmas Tree
 With Christmas coming up this week, it's likely time that I chimed in on the winter holiday season of 2014.

This time last year, I was scrambling to get the house decorated for company. I'd hired a very talented set-designer friend of mine to help and she was amazingly helpful. We hosted my brother-in-law and his girlfriend, as they were considering a move to Seattle, and we certainly had the space for company. (I clearly remember being significantly stressed out about getting it all up to some invisible standard I held of "acceptable levels of hosting Christmas cheer" in time of our visitors - man I can whine with the best of 'em sometimes.)

Odin 'helping' keep our company warm.
On Christmas Eve, we took my Brother-In-Law and his girlfriend to a local Christmas Tree farm to help us pick out and cut down the tree. After they left, we hastily decorated the tree, went to sleep and the next day was Christmas Day.

Christmas Day itself was simple. Both exhausted, we made a normal breakfast, opened the two small gifts under the tree for each other, and let the rest of the day pass fairly unmarked.

This year, the tree is smaller, and isn't 'fresh from the forest', but rather a quick Home Depot purchase. No professional help with decorating this year, just a few things here and there and a few candles to add a bit of glow to the house. My Sailor got me a pair of lovely earrings in my favorite color, and he has yet to open his gift (I'm making him wait until Christmas). 
My mom saw to a practical need of mine (getting the heater in my car fixed - which is wonderful) as well as allowing us to have a little extra fun by loosening up the budget enough for us to allow for a fun night out at Point Defiance Zoo.
Despite the rain and cold, we had a good time and got to see all the lights. I'd been wanting to do it for years, and now, it might just be a tradition. We'll see what others year bring!

The thing that's different about this year is my perspective. I mean, yes, I still miss my family (especially my Dad, which keeps me reaching for my F*ck Cancer beanie on a regular basis), the big Christmas Eve feasts I used to throw for friends and family, and filling the calendar with stage productions and festive events. 
Holiday Gathering with the GUGD Gang
But instead of a slew of parties, I just had one on my agenda this year. The rest of my calendar is a smattering of chores, Navy Wife duties, and helping strong folks get stronger. Instead of a million decorations and lights all over the house, I have a few candles, a tree, and some ribbons.  Instead of dreading having to work over the holidays, I'm actually looking forward to doing forward to every minute of doing my job, despite the date on the calendar.   The baking, decorating, and things I was upset about last year seem so incredibly insignificant now. (Though it's still a milestone that I no longer hate my legs. ;) )

This year, I'm just glad to get My Sailor home for it.

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