Monday, August 18, 2014

Bikini Babe Strikes Again! The Long Duree - PROGRESS PHOTOS!

 I'm keeping this one brief since these are long overdue, but it's 'that time again'! PROGRESS PHOTO TIME!

I have admit, I do look forward to these posts. Not because I expect drastic physical changes. In fact, there is a firm argument for the changes being less and less noticable at this point, but taking some time to reflect back reminds me that I'm still on the right track. This past year and 8 months have not  been wasted. Far from it. They have probably been the best investment I've ever made.
While I have lost some weight on the scale, it's not nearly as much as you may think. Here are some quick vital stats:

Dec. 2012: 218lbs
Started Weight Lifting.
July 2013: 226 lbs
That's right - I GAINED weight between those 2 photos.
August 2014: 198 lbsUp about 3lbs from my usual 195ish, but not concerned. I did just finish a Strongman this weekend, so I'm a bit on the fluffy side as my body recovers.

But that number says NOTHING about the kind of progress that has happened.
I'm capable of more than I dreamed possible.

Now, I'll be posting later about a unique type of progress that's happened as well. Stay Tuned.

When will there be an "after" photo?
"After" would assume I'm "done".
This kind of awesome I never want to be "done" with. I hope to be earning badges of badassery long into my golden years, and helping others earn (and celebrate) their own.

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