Sunday, June 29, 2014

Somewhere In Between... And Loving It

Somewhere between the beginning of a new work week and complete, utter, delicious exhaustion is my favorite day of the week - Sunday.

This was My Sailor's first Sunday that (almost) my usual Sunday Schedule since he deployed.  We added a new dog to our pack this week, but just for the week. She got us up at 5am, barking for food and to be let out. (I usually get up about 5:30am on Sundays to make it to my Olympic Lifting class in Gig Harbor.) This time, we got to take care of her and then go back to bed for a while.

This time, it was in time to meet up and lead a group of my own. Everyone was challenged and had a great time in a scalable workout. Luckily, the teams were even without me playing, so I got to introduce the game and cheer them on.  While they will most surely be sore tomorrow, everyone left with a smile. Good signs all around.  Though the breakfast at Shari's that followed isn't likely to be repeated, I'm hoping that we can get back together and play again soon... with one more person (okay, I missed playing a long a bit).

After breakfast, it was time to head to the gym for my own routine - some light handstand and Snatch work with My Sailor and a WOD. I ran into a couple other friendly faces in the gym. My Sailor got to chatting with one of them, talking about Power Lifting vs Olympic Lifting - and the familiar gym face said, "Well, she's the one to teach you!" (Which quickly prompted the joke of "I know; I'm married to her." from My Sailor. ;) ) It's fun being able to lift with My Sailor - and we can't wait to break in his Oly shoes when they come in the mail! I'm expecting they'll make a significant difference. Can't wait to be there to watch the magic.

While no records were broken, a lot was learned and it was fun to catch a WOD afterwards. I did catch my toe on a challenging box jump, resulting in a nice bruise on my foot. It didn't keep me from the soccer field about an hour later! I got to sub out for a few minutes, but all in all my foot handled it well, if a bit sore for the sport.  We're talking about creating our own indoor soccer team in the fall. Earn Awesome Training Soccer anyone?
We didn't win, but got in a great game!
 Monday is my Rest Day this week - I have some jacuzzi time in my future for sure and likely won't be running tomorrow to give the foot a break, but it's already on the mend.  And, since it's the last day of the month, I'll be strapped to my desk job for the entire day, no doubt.  But that's okay.

Following the crazy day, we stopped off at my usual haunt and got a drink and some dinner before relaxing at home. I'm still absorbing the lessons from the week and forming a game plan going forward. Hopefully we'll know if we get an upcoming vacation in together in the next few days or not. Fingers and toes crossed from some time off together.

As for tonight, somewhere between well-earned awesome and delicious exhaustion is the perfect recipe for the rest of the evening - an Epsom salt bath and some down time with my main squeeze. It's all smiles tonight when I reflect on the awesome morning and amazing day.

Sunday - easily my favorite day of the week.

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