Monday, June 30, 2014

Leather Bound Progress and Making Room on a Forced Rest Day

Round about my birthday this year (a little over under six months ago) I wrote up a few BIG goals for this year. As a refresher, they were better time management, better writing schedule, getting at least 1 certification toward becoming a personal trainer,  and changing careers. Usually, I write a blog post on my 1/2 birthday to see where I am with those goals. It's a helpful self-check every year. I guess you could call them my own Personal-New-Years Resolutions. And like most people, they tend to fade into the background as my birthday passes and life happens.

But not this year.

So far, 2014 is pretty much on target.

Nearly all of those goals have locked into place - some even better than I planned for. Sure, I'm on the cusp of July and I still have the desk job, but I've been able to cut back my hours to make time for building my education, 'street cred',  and the training business.

Yeah - I actually have a business now. While I wouldn't call it 100% officially up and running full steam just yet, it's far from a pipe dream now.

I may still be a bit green to all of this, but early success with coaching friends (see last post) reminds me that those weren't just "lucky".  I've just got room to grow. Thing is, I probably always will.
On a personal note, I wish my dad was here to see (and advise) on getting all of this off the ground, I know that he's probably smirking at me from somewhere in the great beyond...he was always the entreprenuer in the family. Mom was always the fitness and nurtition guru. Somehow, I guess I've picked up a little of both worlds.

While that would seem to be the perfect seguae into a "nature vs nurture" argument, that's really not where this blog is going.

Today, I actually didn't work out officially at all. My foot is still a bit purple from yesterday's fall, and it's the end of the month, so I gave my desk job my day, though I made time to run some errands with My Sailor and squeeze a bath and some down-time in before bed. While that lead a bit of pent up frustration, a hot bath after work improved the foot as well as my mood.  I have a small mountain of reading and paperwork to dig into and I'm really looking forward to getting into the work more. I never thought there would be a time I'd be excited to work my arse off, but it's arrived. Soon I'll be scheduling shadowing work and running my own small group a few times a week. Rome wasn't built in a day and I'll likely be continuing to work crazy hours to balance it all out for a while. It's a lot of crazy adaptation, but it'll pass, I'm sure I'll figure it out.
   The big victories for the day came in the form of a package from LegalZoom including all of my official business documents (and a pretty cool stamp that I doubt I'll ever use, but you never know...), buying a 1 piece swimsuit in a single digit number (and having it fit for the first time in about 15 years - though it's just a simple suit to get me through pool time at the Y, which insists on 2 inch straps on swimsuits), and, well, finishing up work.
  The fact that all 3 dogs haven't killed each other is always nice - though having a pack around certainly makes me wish I'd put in the work and made the time to finish the fence. (Doh! Yes... almost a year later, it's still a work in progress...) They actually get along about 99% of the time. But I'll have to find temporary homes for Clydas and Odin again because I made good on a promise to My Sailor and we've booked a big vacation for his leave period.
  The calendar is going to be pretty full for July, but we'll build some memories, explore a new place together, and take our active lifestyle on the road a bit. We've made some compromises to the budget which will likely put off some of the renovations a bit longer, but ya know what? The house will be here. We will be here. We're in no hurry to move on just yet - but our time together? We only get 1 go at how we spend that.

So with my foot on the mend, work cut out for me, and the blissful world of my pillow awaiting me, I look forward to another busy week to, well, earn it.

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