Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Becoming Santa" and Trading Fluff for Buff - PROGRESS PHOTOS!

This year, My Sailor and I are running short on time when it comes to preparing our house for Santa. We haven't gotten a chance to get a tree yet, and I doubt we'll completely finish decorating outside this year. We have family coming over tonight and the roof is icey, so I think we'll forgo hanging more lights tonight. In fact, it's supposed to SNOW after midnight! I'm pretty excited about that - even if it means I'll be running the heaters all day long.

With all this Christmasing comes my annual sharing of one of my favorite Christmas goodies that will have you believing in Santa. If you haven't already checked it out from my previous blogs, don't miss this documentary this Christmas.

(Psst... you can see the whole thing for free by clicking here - but I'm buying a copy, since I've watched it about 8 times over the past 2 years.)
No, I don't get paid anything for sharing these things. I only share what I think is fantastic and worth my time. Since it's worth my time, it's worth yours. Trust me. Time is a commodity we don't exchange lighting around here.

Speaking of time and its value...

(I'm the queen of awesome lead-ins today! If you've followed my blog for any specific amount of time - this kind of organized, cohesive thought never  happens...)

Exactly 1 year and 9 days ago, I took my first "before" photos. I knew I was starting something, but I assumed it would be yet another go with Medifast - a largely liquid, super reduced calorie, no carb diet. After a conversation with a co-worker and My Sailor, I opted to sign up with a personal trainer at the YMCA instead.

Since then, I've done my homework and traded in calorie counting for putting better fuel rather than 'filler'. I opt for more natural food rather than processed food 95% of the time. I still enjoy a beer about once a week, and I enjoy a glass of wine almost nightly. I still have some candy when I go to the movies. And I've lost about 7-9lbs since this time last year. But I learned a LOT of very valuable things. Here's just a quick recap of where I've come (more detailed account of the year-in-fitness coming in a later post).



Today - Where did that belly go?!

Sure, it's made my hands look like this...
But I'm not afraid of real whole food anymore.

My go-to-quick breakfast - Full Fat Goat Greek Yogurt w/ local honey and blackberries, and green tea.
 And I'm stronger than I ever dreamed I'd be - and I'm not done yet.

12/19 - Sneaking in a little flexing
NOTHING happens over night. I'm still just an infant when it comes to this journey. It took a SIGNIFICANT investment of time and effort to get this far. But I wanted it baddly enough, got the help I needed, and continue to press on.

I wonder what next years photos will look like...

Latest Gym shirt

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