Saturday, November 16, 2013

Breaking out the Bikini - PROGRESS PHOTOS!

December 2012 - The "Before" Photo
I remember taking my first "before" picture. My self esteem in the gutter, but I knew I had two choices.

Do something to change that


Decide I wasn't worth it and give up.

Well, I've never been very good at giving up. 

Even though I've had nearly every single reason a woman can have for 'giving up'.

Go back and check out previous blog entries if you're curious, but they range from medical conditions to deployments and death. It's been a remarkably tough year.

But I'm very quickly recognizing that, well, I'm tougher.

This Thanksgiving (which will continue to be grain free for me) finds me especially grateful for all those people who inspire me every day, and support me in this journey and all the other crazy places this life takes me. From Facebook buddies, to intimate friends and family, to people that are somewhere between, it's been a fun and crazy ride that I'm glad to take with ya'll.  I don't have photos with all of you, but here are a few inspirational moments on my list.

My Fellow Strong Sisters

400lb tire flip tie breaker and fellow Lady of Lifting
My Sailor and friends accomplishing a Zombie 5k - where I set a new 5k Personal Record (30:31) 
Working out in Disneyland Hotel - Proving That Awesome Doesnt' Need A Vacation
Here's some of November's progress!

Are you ready for the craziest bit of all? 
I've Only Lost FOUR POUNDS since I started Training 3x/week!
The scale is only one small tool in my arsenal.
When I started, I couldn't run a mile. 
Now, most of my miles 10 minutes. In fact, I ran a 50 second 200m sprint yesterday.
When I started, the 45lb bar was 'heavy'. Now, I back squat and deadlift over 200lbs.

And something tells me I'm not done yet...


  1. 400lb tire lift YOWZA!!!! look at how amazingly beautiful you are then and now! The difference now is how much more confident you are within yourself. Sharing your stories with others (such as me) gives us that extra boost to keep pushing through.

    1. Yeah! If you want to see some of the Strongman Competition, the hubs was there to video tape! You can see it here:
      Highly recommend trying it if you want to train for something different! :)

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