Saturday, May 11, 2013

A bit of Badassery and Writing about, well, Writing

Yesterday was a good friday.

My stitches are finally out of my back. I know, I sound like a real whiner on this one, but I just hate stitches. I've had them several times in my life and after a few days, they become a constant annoyance. So I'm glad to report that they are gone! My scarring disorder is already kicking into high gear, so this one should look pretty interesting this time next year! When all is said and done, though, I'm glad the wound has closed up quickly and with no complications. Sweet. ;)

But that honestly just added to my 'win' list for the day. It started off early when I got a few pages done in my book! Well, a few more pages anyway. I've also started jotting down a few ideas for later in the book/different phases in my life and my family's life.  Yesterday, while writing, I had a moment's pause to think, "Will this offend anyone?" and "Am I divulging too much? I don't want to make my family sound crazy or offend anyone."

That's when I realized - while the book is about growing up and about my family, it's kind of like this blog in that - it's from my perspective alone. And, like I've said before, perception IS the reality we create for ourselves. Since the book is from my perspective, there are going to be different shades and depths to the characters. They'll be colored as I see/saw them. I'm hoping the book will resonate with people, beyond adoptees. There will really be no way to tell until it's done and out there. I have about 7 more months to finish it - which doesn't seem like a long time when I'm looking at my quickly filling calendar, but I've always been good with deadlines, so I'm sure I'll hammer it out.

My 'bit of badassery' for the week took place where it has lately - the Y! You know, I used to DRED the gym. I'd be lying if I said I don't still get a little anxious when it comes to going, but pushing against that anxiety has proven the be a great boon for me mentally, emotionally, physically and beyond. 

 Yesterday (among other things) TrainerGuy and I had a good solid challenge. To max out on box jumps. What are box jumps?  Well...
Not my photo. Unknown source
These are box jumps. Doesn't look too bad right?

Honestly, I have to channel my inner child to get through them. As adults, life has taught us that falling is dangerous/bad. We might get injured. If we don't injure our bodies, we might injure our egos. We've learned that 'failure' is embarassing.

The funny thing is, when we're kids, we just pick ourselves right back up and try it again, or we'd end up never trying anything new or challenging, for fear of failure.

Well, Friday I put my fear of failure to the test. Until now, I'd been doing box jumps of about 10-12 inches. About the height this little tyke is jumping there.

Then Friday came.

I graduated from the step to a "box". I was actually really nervous about this as a step (with a few inserts) has LOTS of surface area. A 'box' has just about enough room for both feet.

Once that was done, we went up to the box My Sailor was using last time he trained with TrainerGuy. I NEVER in a million years thought I'd get there!

But I did! The view from 20+ inches up was pretty awesome.

Then Trainer Guy started adding big round weights to the smaller box, until it was actually TALLER than My Sailor's box! He asked if we were done... but I said to try one more... just 1 more inch... then 1 more inch...

It took a few tries and I've got a nice shiner on one knee to prove it. But I did it! And THAT view?! Well, I was riding that high all day long.

It really puts that instinctive fear into perspective. Our brains are so protective of our bodies, they don't truly realize what our bodies are capable of.

We rounded out the works out with wall walks (aka, wall assisted hand stands), running (about a mile total in running that day), barbell snatches, back squats w/ about 65 lbs, sit ups, and leg raises. TrainerGuy never fails to pack that hour!

Now it's back to the day job, with a run, some planking, and maybe some whip ups thrown in there too. We'll see. At least I don't have to worry about pulling any stitches open now! Yeah!

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  1. Awesome job!! I am still working on the box jumps. They have me doing step ups. The battle with the knees. Same with jump rope .working up to it.
    The hand stand, not there yet. I can't wait to .