Saturday, March 2, 2013

Back in the Saddle!

So we're back from our awesome vacation, and I'm back to work. My Sailor still has a few more days before he gets back to work, which has been really helpful on getting post-trip laundry done and working out a few other things.

I'll be posting lots of trip photos and details later this week, but first I thought I'd tell ya'll about today's adventure -


After many friends begging me to try it, I finally took My Sailor up on it and we went Discgolfing today. For those who are unfamiliar, think hiking with a frisbee and you'll pretty much get the gist of it. It resulted in 2 hours of hiking, and is now a great, free way to work out.

Decisions Made Along the Way -

Probably the most annoying thing about My Sailor is that he'll lose weight just by drinking more water and, well breathing. The lucky guy! If you've read my blog for a while, you know the battle of the buldge is one I've found just about every day of my life since I was in 3rd grade. (Oy!) For me, it's different. I can reduce my calories to 1200 or less per day, work out until every muscle aches, and still not see results on the scale. I could blame it on stress (which I always have - who doesn't?!), hormones (still crazy, in my case, with no signs of slowing down), A great example - we walked the same distance during our trip (8-10 miles/day), ate the same things - AND I worked out more than he did in the hotel. And guess who was up 8lbs on the scale after a 9 day trip? Me. Guess who was up 3lbs after the same 9 day trip? My Sailor.

So we decided that keeping up with the personal trainer is a worth-while investment as long as I need it. We'll make the money for it.  We're also discussing a nutritionist, but we'll keep that trump card off the table for the moment.

We also decided that, if an MD ever says to me "You know, if you get a hysterectomy, that could solve all your problems," than it's okay to move forward with that. Knowing what I do about medicine, I know that there is no miracle cure for Endometriosis or PCOS or any of these other ugly systemic illnesses that I somehow developed. But it was a huge to hear from his lips that, if it would better my health, it's better to be healthy than to create someone that looks like us. At least it's better for us.  Besides, we're neck deep in the adoption process anyway, so we be parents not matter what.

I decided that my Husband is not only cute, but a genius. Over dinner one night, he came up with a great idea for a wine tasting party we'll be planning later this year. A Bottle Shock themed party that is sure to be fun for our wine loving friends. He also managed to get us reservations at Monsieur Paul, which turned out to be the a real high point for our trip. I've eaten at Disney's infamous Victoria and Alberts in the Grand Floridian, but this honestly put those experiences to shame, without the dress code. If my genius of a husband hadn't thought to try 'just in case', we would have missed out on that amazing, delicious experience.

We Decided on a Favorite Disney World Resort. This trip, we resort-hopped from Shades of Green, to Pop Century, to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The most anticipated was the last resort, and more than we expected, we fell in love. The advertising doesn't do it justice. Our Savannah View room overlooked the Kudu Trail. For example, one night, we returned to our room at nearly midnight, and looked out the window to see zebra, gazelle, and giraffe settling in for the night on the African-inspired fields below. In fact, it felt almost wasteful to have the television on when such an amazing view was just outside the window.

We decided we love our idea of family.  This didn't come about out loud. It actually crept up quietly throughout the trip. I really noticed it in the Animal Kingdom Lodge experience though. We had lunch at Sanaa (which is delicious for those not afraid of spice) which is in the DVC (Disney Vacation Club) portion of the resort. While in that end of the resort, we ran across a large number of interacial familes! It was literally 50/50 conventional to interacial families! It was actually wonderful to see so many parents using a Disney family vacation at the Animal Kingdom Lodge as a way to connect their kids with some of their own culture! See, in the Lodge, many employees are there on work visas and actually live in Africa. It's always enlightening to meet them and hear about what life is like back home. (On a personal level, it's made me appreciate living in the US of A even more.)

I will be running in a Disney World 1/2 marathon this year.  I'm still nervous about how the finances of this will work out, since we have so much going on, but it's a really great way to keep me moving and motivated.

More to come later, but it was a great trip! And as for Discgolf?  I'll never be a pro, but it's a great diversion from plain old hiking. I'll get back to it this summer.

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