Saturday, March 23, 2013

Syrah and Sanity

This week has been... a week. A true stretch of my obscene flexibility skills, and I don't mean in the gym.

Don't get me wrong; TrainerGuy is definately giving me a run for my money! While today's workout didn't break any new ground, it was just what I needed even before I knew I needed it. Yes, My Sailor's schedule has gotten even crazier since my training appointment today, but such is the Navy life, right?

While My Sailor wrestles with guilt cause by all this craziness, I'm rolling with it. As usual, I give myself 1 day alone to be a mess, and then tomorrow, it's back to running, cleaning, working, mowing the lawn, and dog tending.

Tonight, it's all about some award winning Syrah (Wolf's Trap, yum) and some couch time with the dogs.

I'm acutely aware of what I'm discovering today.

I've heard it said "You fall into a rythm." With all the unpredictability in our lives, it seems insane to say that there is a rythm to life, but, it would seem there is.

I notice it in little ways. Like, knowing I'll give myself 1 day to be a bit of a mess when we're expecting extended departures. I know I'll buy flowers using some of the money he left behind, and I'll email him to thank him for buying me flowers.

I know I'll work out. I'll do coffee with friends. I'll journey home to spend time with family and friends. I'll get back to work and hammer those hours away. I'll take care of some long overdue yard work...

But tonight, I'll enjoy a full glass of Syrah or two, and enjoy a good night's sleep, while 1/2 of my heart is out Finding Nemo. 
Tonight, I'll let things get a little messy. Tomorrow, I'll get back to enchancing my life, so I can bring a better, stronger, leaner, and more fulfilled me to the table- when we're actually able to share a dinner at the same table again. 

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