Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some Women Travel Pretty

Have you ever noticed that someone women manage to come out of those flying tin cans looking like they just stepped out of a salon? What is their secret?! No matter how much I primp or how prepared I am, I usuall end up looking more like a college kid on her way home from some foreign country after hours of hiking, rather than any of those perfectly groomed people. My hair is usually pulled back (because if it wasn't, static would make me look like a I just stepped out from a balloon convention). My face absorbs all traces of make up in a desperate attempt to maintain some sort of moisture. My eyes, no matter how much rest I get, resemble those of an insomniac, and my wardrobe is rarely a step beyond blue jeans or a loose fitting skirt. Forget "fit and trim". My stomach bloats no matter how much water or healthy food I stick to.  I tend to look a bit frazzled even when coming from the most fun-filled vacation ever.

How do you do it, Beautiful Airplane Babes?

My sunglasses are off to you.

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