Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Trainer Guy and My Sailor Made My Day

I hurt in places I didn't even realize could hurt today... but it hurts so good. Anyone who's ever done High Intensity Interval Training can relate, I'm sure. It never gets "easier". It just gets heavier... faster... and more awesome...

(So for those of you who were thinking some 50 Shades of Grey nastiness, sorry to disappoint. This post is so clean it practically squeaks.)

My Sailor, Still Makin' My Day - a Few Years Later
I thought Trainer Guy made my day when he complimented my form on the rowing machine. (He represented Scotland as a Rower - so there is nothing like getting a compliment from someone who really knows his stuff.)

Instead, after the work out he said my lifting form looked good. (Form is my special struggle, and one of the reasons why I benefit from a work out buddy to spot me.) It was when he said, "It's fun moving around heavy weights." I agree. Of all the work outs that make me feel accomplished, lifting is one of them, no doubt.

But My Sailor beat Trainer Guy to making my day.

At 4am, before he left for work, we decided where our vacation destination would be! Disney World! Honestly, I would have been thrilled no matter where we went, but this one makes a lot of sense. We know we'll have a fabulous time, and we'll be able to put a good chunk of our tax refund towards our debts, a chunk in savings, AND have a great vacation. It seems like a great way to get the best of everything.

So this morning by 5am I was making reservations at Shades of Green and Disney so that we can stay on property. Without needing to rent a car, I'm pretty excited! Next, dining reservations and airfare and we're set!

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