Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valetine's Day 2013 and just a few scars.

Today is the first Valentine's Day spent w/ My Sailor. You'd think that means we'd celebrate in a big way but actually the opposite is happeneing. We're not obeserving the day at all really, other thn early morning "I love you, Happy Valentine's Day".

We'd rather do our Valentining during our Orlando vacation coming up next week!

I'm the consumate planner,and this trip I coming up so fast, I almost feel unprepared! But at the same time, it's more needed than ever.  Sure, we don't have our ADRs set up. Sure, we haven't exactly figured out a few key elements yet, but somewhere between 3 training sessions and 38 hours of work, it'll all get worked out.

Now, as for the training stuff!

I am definatey getting stronger and inches are melting off here and there. I'm not seeing any pound loss just yet, but hopefully that will change as I keep building muscle. I'm also trying to figure out if I'm ready for the Tower of Terror 10 mile race this October.

The crazy thing about this stuff is that it's also making me face and quiet some old demons again.

It turns out that, with things like a flattening belly, some new scars have reared their heads. Now, I'm no super model, and I'm well aquinted with my scarring disorder. It's always taken me some time to come to terms with new lasting (growing) marks on my body. These more visible ones are the scars from my laparoscopic oopherectomy (ovary removal for those not up on the medical lingo). I think they are a little extra disturbing because I know My Sailor would LOVE for us to turn up pregnant - and this is another reminder that my body has other plans. While I'm okay with that (as I've said before, I have absolutely none of the 'normal' burning desire to have someone who looks like me), it's a daily reminder that in an uncontrollable way, I'm letting him down.  Crazy, I know, but needeling and annoying.

BUT I'm very glad we invested in training! Scars or whatever may come, I'll be a happier, healthier me!

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  1. Scars do suck, in a way. Reminders that don't ever leave. But I try to look at each as a badge of courage in some way. Sounds like your Sailor is a keeper :)