Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend Plans - what's coming up!

So we have a pretty amazing weekend coming up! We've been very lucky in that My Sailor doesn't have to work all of the weekend, so we're filling it in with great things!

Starting off with Friday -

Friday -
I've got a full day of work ahead of me, followed by a trip to the Tukwilla mall! Yeah, I know. To my So Cal friends and family, a trip to the Mall isn't anything special, but when it's a GIGANTIC mall about an hour away, it's a big deal. We decided to return the extra ties we were left with after the wedding and use the dough to have a sweet night out! The highlight of the night will probably be Finding Nemo 3D! I can't wait! I got to see Finding Nemo opening night in the theaters the first time it came out and I'm sure the film has lent itself amazingly to 3D. It'll be an even more immersive experience. Can't wait!

Would it be weird if we got Sushi for dinner?

(Can't wait to see this little mermaid in 3D either!)

Saturday -
 I have a few hours of work to do today, but our big plan today is to hop over to our friend's house for a night of Zombie Board Game Goodness. MOZ would be proud.

Sunday -
 I don't have work day, but he might. Either way, we have free tickets to the Storm game in Seattle. I've never been to a women's basketball game, so I'm kinda excited! And the fact that they are offering free tickets to military is a bonus that might just make me a fan. I wonder if I'll enjoy watching as much as I loved playing... Probably not, but hey! Never know unless ya go!

Have a great, fire free, weekend everyone!

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