Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reset Button, New Years, and Lab Tests

The Cutest Little Flower Girl Ever
 As you may have guessed this is yet another break from the wedding week re-caps. Don't worry, I will get back to them as promised. Even more wedding pictures are coming out, and they are more and more fun to see spring to life.

But before I go into sharing too many of them, I didn't want to get too behind where I am now.

I still haven't made a decision about the Endo study. Yes, I want to do it, but at the same time, I am taking My Sailor's feelings into account. He's behind me no matter what, but I wouldn't be a good team player if I didn't consider what is good for the whole team. (I won't pretend the idea of doing another endometrial biopsy is appealing even in the slightest bit. But I survived one, so I can survive another.)

I pushed pause on all that in order to focus on My Sailor's 29th Personal New Years (Aka Birthday)! I'll be posting photos from the party on another blog. We threw a Murder Mystery party - my first in YEARS and my first in Washington! While we were a bit short on players, everyone had a great time, so I'm sure the word will get around that these are fun things to do and by next Christmas, we'll have people asking when the next one is. :)

That said, I'm learning to hit the reset button on certain parts of my life to help with the stress levels. Reality is, My Sailor may never have "normal" hours. The poor guy is run ragged by his work in the Navy and honestly, I can't keep up with his hours, a full time job, household responsibilities and filling in other blanks, I have been literally running myself ragged. So it's time to hit the "reset button". I'm currently cutting back my work hours to NORMAL daytime hours. (See, the problem with working from home is that the office is ALWAYS open.) So I'm taking back my weekends and my sleep schedule in hopes that it will help with my sanity, my weight loss, my aches and pains, and other such issues. The doc just drew some blood today to run some tests, so I'm hoping my cholesterol stays down, and my insulin resistance stays cured since I opt not to take synthetic medications whenever possible.

At least that is step one.

Day 1 of step 1 - so far so good!

Oh - and here's your wedding teasers!

The Guys just hangin' out

Our Pixie gettin' her party on!

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