Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stages and Changes

So lately I've entered in a new stage of life. It's one that just about everyone saw coming from a mile away.

I became the fiance to a Navy submariner.

Changes like going from a single gal to a married/engaged one is a big change. While I am who I am still, my location is changing, and becoming a military wife (even if it's only for his short 5 years) is a completely different world.

If there is one thing I've learned in life, it's that good friends can roll with the changes with you, and I've been blessed with some of the best. Even though I know traveling will be challenging for them, they have been there for me and are doing their best to be helpful and to make it work.

But not all relationships are ment to last forever.

And there is nothing like a life change to severe or strengthen some ties like a life change.

I have some great friends that I'm glad to count as my bridesmaids. My sisters-in-law-to-be will be standing with us as well, but these other girls are just like family as well. They have all been truely supportive, despite their own family situations. Two of them are of the Unmarried variety (divorced without children). One of them married her high school sweetheart (several years later) and is a mother. Another one is Unmarried (divorced) mother with adult children.

But there are a few friendships that have faded away or changed for both my fiancee and I. We're about to join the married person's club and someday the parent club.

It can be challenging to identify with people who aren't in the same stage of life. And while I can't identify with all of the unique stages and situations that make of the complicated lives of my friends, I can do my best to empathize, and return the favor that they've given to me.

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