Sunday, February 13, 2011

Relocation Nation - Self Moving vs Moving Company

In all of my 11 moves since birth, I’ve never moved more than a few miles from one place to the next.  As far back as I can remember, we’ve always done our moves ourselves. Just grab a UHAUL and a few friends , day laborers, or (as was the case in my last move) Navy Corpmen, and viola! The move is in high gear and done before ya know it.
Moving up the coast is significantly different.
I’ve checked into moving companies and got a lot of very promising estimates. However, as soon as I call friends and family for references, I UNANIMOUSLY get “DON’T USE A MOVING COMPANY!”  Apparently nearly all of the big names have ripped off someone in my family/friends  over the years.  Many of them promise great rates at their estimate, but don’t live up to them, requiring a large amount over what was originally quoted.

Well, I don’t have an extra thousand dollars to throw around, so I’m probably taking the “self move” option.

But there are different stages of “self moving” that I’ve found.

There is the “Rent-A-U-Haul-And-Drive-It-Yourself-With-A-Dog-in-tow” option. This requires someone else to follow me and drive my SUV as I don’t trust mountain roads and my driving-while-towing or parking-while-towing skills (especially w/ a lovable, excited, yet confused boxer dog in the car with me).
There is also the “pod” option. The pod company comes buy and drops off a pod at my place. I load it for 2 days, and then they pick it up. I pack in my car (and maybe my brother’s truck) whatever I’ll need for about 2 weeks and we drive up. It’s about a 21 hour drive straight through (which I’m sure I’d take in at least 2 days). Once I arrive, I’d set up what I’ve brought up with me (which must include by work computer equipment, Clydas’ crate, a few changes of clothes, and whatever other odds and ends I might need. Then it’ll camping out in the new place until the Pod is delivered about a week and ½ later. Then I hire a couple of big strong guys to help unload it and viola! I’m all moved in! The pod option is more expensive (considerably) than the Uhaul option, however quite frankly it feels safer and simpler.
By this point, you’re probably thinking, “Huh? Why isn’t Your Sailor helping you out with this?” Well, he is, but he can’t physically be there. By the time he arrives in the same state, I’ll be all set up and (hopefully) a little familiar with the place. Trust me, he’d LOVE to be there (and I’d LOVE to have him there) but Navy wives are pretty self-sufficient bunch who know when to rely on friends, when to hire help, and when a little elbow grease will get the job done. I consider myself in training.

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