Monday, February 14, 2011

Relocation Nation - The Homestead visit

My parents were gracious enough to send me to Washington to look at the little place that I'll be moving into next month. Here's a montage to show you a bit of my experience. It was a very quick trip. Up and back same day, spending about as much time on the ground as I did in planes.

But it was a fun, remarkable day and I'm glad I got to explore this place a little bit. It really reminds me of my hometown (Escondido) about 20 years ago - if you stuck it on the water. I can't wait to get a bike and get it up and moving!

Without further preamble, here you go!


Very safe feel in the small neighborhood.
3 major grocery chains nearby.
2 sushi places nearby.
Great fitness center and amenities.
Rent is MUCH cheaper.
Old movie theater right around the corner.
Large bedrooms.
2 jacuzzis
2 dry Saunas.
Good basketball court.
Dog friendly (there are 3 other boxers on property).
Darker carpeting (Great for when you have a dog and the weather leaves the ground a little slushy).
Community Breakfasts every Sunday in the community center.
Very affordable area.
Apartment community is small.
Flexible lease lengths.
It's a small town.
They have a great community theater I can get involved with!


Actual apartment is smaller than I expected.
The town is a small town - meaning everything rolls up around 6-9pm. There isn't a whole lot of recreational stuff to do in town.
There are places where this town is showing it's age and rides the very fine line between "quaint" and "historic"... and run down. (But what city doesn't have a few run down areas?)

This was a very positive experience overall, and I'm looking forward to starting a new chapter of my life with the turning of the season.

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