Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Military goodbyes - 52 more days

 In a little under 2 hours, I'll be leaving the base to head to the airport, yet again. 
Saying goodbye to My Sailor is never easy. Each time I try to focus on the next time we'll be together. I've begun to think of the distance as "Training runs" for his deployments, where it's unlikely I'll even be able to hear from him for months at a time. But no amount of positive thinking makes leaving an easy thing.
Saying goodbye as often as we must would give any woman a moment's pause.

But being apart makes the time we have together sweeter,
even if it's just a walk down the street,
the exchange of a look,
or the touch of a hand.

In our time apart, I do have plenty to do. 
Staying busy has never been a problem for me.
There are boxes to pack, 
books to finish, 
work to do,
friends to meet with,
a dog to walk,
family to spend time with,
and workouts to do.

While none of those things will make me miss him any less,
I am confident the time will pass quickly.

My Sailor makes me proud every day just by being who he is.
Do I like saying goodbye to him? 
No. I suspect I never will.
But is it all worth it?
Without a doubt.

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  1. The visit was so much fun. I am so glad that we decided to do the Bed and Breakfast idea for our last trip together out here. It was very relaxing and amazing. The place was incredible. Anyways I miss you a lot already my love and can't wait to see you again.