Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bowling Booyah, Contest Results, and A Fun Montage

Last night, I was dying to get out of the house. I knew I didn't want to go to a movie, but I also realized that I need to keep it budget friendly. So I got creative on Google and found out that a local bowling alley has a great deal for bowling on Monday nights. $5 admission, $1 games, $1 shoe rental, and $1 medium drinks. Booyah! I actually did really well the first game! While I ended up coming out ahead (winning 3/5 games), I was far from a 300. Oh well! But it was fun - bowling til' midnight.

Now, on to the contest results!
Sad so we don't have a winner, but here are the possible results.
Here were the possible answers:
1&2) Look in the bedroom. On the nightstand you'll see 2 stuffed animals. The obvious one is Stitch. The more obscure fellow beside Stitch is Djali (Esmerelda's goat side kick from the Hunchback of Notre Dame).
3) The blanket over the back of the couch is from DisneyWorld but it's next to impossible to tell unless you've seen the design. It has the fab 5 sitting around a fireplace.
4) I would have accepted the popcorn bucket on the table, since that's from the El Capitan theater, which is Disney owned now and showing Disney movies.

So that was a tough one. I'll roll the prize into the next contest, so keep your eyes peeled for another contest soon!

And finally the fun montage!
It's still a bit of a work in progress, but here's a snippet of fun from the RBT 09. A complete review will be coming up on the Disney Files and DisPix blog.


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  1. I have seen that blanket! But didn't pick up on it. Oh well...