Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Blogger's Plea and some budgeting frankness.

Greetings readers (ye brave, ye few)!
As you may know, if you've been keeping up, I'm currently a cast member in an original musical production -

Now, that said, I need your help! If you're in the area and would like to see the show, please contact me via e-mail! I'd love to meet you there. However, I will admit, I have an ulterior motive.
When I arrived at the auditions, I learned that there is an $85 fee charged to every actor in the show. This is unusual (in my experience) for a community theater, however it was soon made clear that no one is getting rich off these productions.
This particular theater group doesn't have a "home". They perform at all different venues, all over North County area. Usually they choose high capacity, popular venues to assist in selling out. It also helps them put a professional spit and polish on the shows as well (which is always great).
However, when you're constantly renting space, it gets expensive.
So that said, there is also a caveat obligating each actor to sell (paid for and all) 12 tickets. They announced today that the money for that is due 4/6/10. I have already agreed to cover a few people who will pay me back on performance day, so I'm prepared for that. However, I wasn't prepared for a "due date" prior to the actual performance dates. So that's a new wrench in my financial works.
I've requested an exention, but the sooner I can recoup my costs, the better! Unforunately, due to the substantial financial commitment this particularly wonderfully talented group is forced to require of it's actors, I won't be able to participate in their future productions. However, I am fully committed to following this one through. (Though, it's so much easier to memorize songs and lines when you aren't sweating where the $301 total actor's obligation is going to come from. As a single gal living alone, I certainly don't have that amount of cash laying around. My budget is pretty tight.)
This is where you all come in. If you're local and want to see the show, let me know and I'll give you the address to send your check directly to the group so you can get your tickets (and I can recoup the ticket portion of the production fee).
So leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail if you want to see a funny, NEW, saucy musical about the Mad Monk's life.

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