Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have a new Cousin!

If you haven't been following the blog very long, I'll do a quick recap of my rather extended family:

1) I am adopted. So I have my family that I grew up with. That consists of Mom, Dad, and Big Brother.

2) I have located my biological family and have a close relationship with my BioFather's side. By them, I have a Little Sister . And many other family members.

One of them has just been welcomed into the would so I'd like to wish a very warm welcome to...BabyCuz!

Born 3/29/10, he's just happy and healthy and everyone is doing fine. They are all the way back in Nashville, so I apologize to the family in advance for stealing my BioUncle's photos from Facebook for this post.

Isn't he adorable?

I couldn't be more happy for them. This is boy #2.

All that said, it's been an interesting week of late when it comes to the family expansion thoughts.

In the last few days, different, unassociated people have reminded me that they believe I'd make a good mother. I am honored by the compliment. But I find it interesting that those around me seem intent on kick starting my tick-less biological clock, despite there being no prospective fathers in the picture currently.

Ironically enough, some physical hurtles I'm dealing with lately, which may further drive the nail in the fertility-coffin for me. Now, this isn't entirely unexpected. I've been a PCOS patient since I was 19 years old. I've been on some form of BCP pretty much solidly since then (off and on a few times, but for no more than 1 year during celebacy and 6 months during married life). It's not recommended for PCOS patients to attempt pregnancy after 30 years of age. Not that it's impossible. In vitro has proven quite successful in many cases. However, I see no reason to spend that amount of money just to have someone who looks like me. I'd rather offer my love, home, life, and heart to a child in need already. Being adopted myself, I think I have an intimate understanding of the myriad of issues that are specific to adoptees, which might just give me a parenting edge. (Besides, I'm RARELY surrounded by people who look like me, so having children that don't look like me, doesn't bother me at all.)

And something today reminded of the little Taiwanese girl that almost became part of my family many years ago. I think she turned 10 this month. While I am well aware that all things work together for good - every once in a while I wonder who she is growing into. And I thank God that He knows what he's doing - and find comfort in the thought that she's safe and raised by an intact family.

We'll see what time brings me, but for now, I am quieting the longing for a family of my own and focusing on how cool it's going to be to accompany my cousins and little sister to Disneyland someday when they are all ready.

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