Saturday, November 14, 2009

Turning 6!

If you've kept up with the blog you'll know that I'm adopted and have a good relationship with my biological family, as well as the family that raised me.
Well - since I have a BIG family (including all of those people) I feel the need to give a nod to my little sister!
We have yet to have too many adventures together, and I've yet to introduce my favorite places (Disneyland/Disneyworld) to her, as she lives in Northern CA and I live in Southern CA, But here's a nod to the growing girl!

In fact, depending what group you lump me into, I'm either the youngest, the oldest, or an only child. How many people can say that, eh? ;)

So, here are a few moments where I'm "the oldest". Charlie turned 6 this past week!
I still remember being super excited when I found out she was on her way. I wish I were closer (or had the capability to see her more than every couple of years).
Yes, you can all bet that the first chance I get, we're goin' to Disneyland! It's amazing how life changes you. I am now looking forward to the millions of trips on It's a Small World....


  1. Thank You for posting this. We are so lucky to know you. C & J

  2. Jamie, that is so sweet and thoughtful. You are truly amazing.
    Ruth & Jim

  3. Hey,
    Charlie and I just stumbled across this, We really miss you. I promise we'll be seeing more of each other going forward.
    Starting in October, cant wait.
    Jim & Charlie