Monday, November 30, 2009

The Orphaned Christmas - The Choice

(Ready for the 2007 Holiday Season)

With my trip right around the corner, I'm blaring Christmas music in my ears here at work and giving a lot of thought to my favorite holiday, Christmas Eve!

In the past years, I've thrown a dinner for family in friends. Sometimes my family comes. Sometimes it's just friends. I guess until recently I never really pondered what it would mean to spend it flying solo. In fact, last year, when Sistah'Girl flew down, turned out to be the best Christmas Eve in a long time! Lots of fun!

But this year, that looks like flying solo is exactly what is in the cards. Due to schedules and other factors, I've been made aware that Christmas Eve company at the Lake House will be tough to come by this year.

So this year, I'm finding the bright side to throwing Christmas Eve, Orphan Style!

Now, I can see why single folks living alone often don't decorate for Christmas. Especially women. We often see marriage and starting our own brood to be a 'right of passage', and a holiday centered around romance, magic, and children can just be a grim reminder that we haven't attained that 'right' yet. Well, I was married. No kids (sh! Don't tell Clydas he's not officially a kid), but I've spend Christmases since with kids and families. This year, I'll be flying solo for this night. So, what to do with my Orphaned Christmas Eve?

I know that, instead of cooking my traditional lamb feast, putting up a tree and decorating it, there are places I could go, but I refuse to let my little world feel less like Christmas just because I'll be flying solo. Afterall, I've never let that slow me down before! I did the Triathlon w/o the support of a romantic interest. I don't stop being me and enjoying the things I enjoy just because I'm not able to share it with a lover.

While there are still a few weeks until Christmas, I think I can definately see myself enjoying the tree I've decorated, a fire in the fireplace, some candelight, some soft Christmas music.... I'm relaxed already just envisioning it. As for activities? Christmas movies, maybe a Church service (I may have to work this day, so that may not pan out), working on a scrap book from my recent Disneyworld vacation (Roasted Bear Tour 2009), and/or making a list of all the good stuff I'm grateful for in my life right now and give God the glory for it. Afterall, all of my Christmas Eves won't be this relaxed forever.

Christmas morning I'll spend with my family, just like always.

So what does all this lead to?

I have a very clear choice in this case - I can be a bitter, miserable almost 30 divorcee w/o help decorating or celebrating my favorite holiday by myself. Or I can see this as a new adventure and a chance to really enjoy the peace, magic, and spirit of the season.

And well, bitter just isn't my color.

Revelation of the Week: We can't always control the scenery, but we can certainly control the climate.

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  1. I really like this! As I'm reading this, I'm enjoying soft Christmas music, a nice dinner of rice and sauteed shrimp with mushrooms, an excellent tasting glass of wine ( Red Diamond Cabernet ) and I'm home alone, enjoying the peacefulness of it all :) No Christmas tree yet, but I do have some decorations up. I hesitated today on buying a couple of large plastic candy canes for outside my door, but then said what the heck, just because I don't have kids doesn't mean I can't celebrate the season! So of course, I bought them. :) The holidays are always so wonderful. Having a "boyfriend" or "husband" or even kids, isn't what it's all about, although we should be thankful for them if we do have them. It's about being grateful for everyone in your life that you care about and that cares about you. :)