Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2012 - A review

Opening day, I was treated to see the movie 2012.

I haven't really been terribly jazzed about seeing the movie, but if there is one thing I'm always down for, it's being exposed to new and different things. In that aspect, I truly inherited my parent's love of the arts, even if it's not something I would have normally considered.

So that said, there was one reason I was looking forward to seeing this movie. I love John Cusack. Ever since "Gross Pointe Blank", I decided I love this actor. Not only does he look strikingly like a guy I had a crush on in my youth, he also has that intense, yet comic way about him. It's almost an awkward "every man" style that I enjoy in his acting (even when I haven't cared for the movie).

However, I have to say, I really enjoyed the movie and can't wait to see it with my family. I would definately suggest sticking to the 13 and up age range, as it does have some very intense moments, and a fair amount of adult themes.

It was a fun ride! Yes, it was HEAVILY laden with special effects, but what you do you expect?! It's a DISASTER movie about the earth's crust up and moving.

It wasn't so much of a human drama as it was an edge of your seat roller coaster ride. Well edited, it barely gave you time to breathe between disasters. The cliche moments gave it a bit of levity, which was necessary to make it overall palettable.

I'd highly recommend seeing this one in the theaters. Saddly, it will not hold up on a small screen.

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