Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Few Minor Adjustments and Rocky Road

This past weekend I had the pleasure of coaching a few great gals at a Novice Crossfit meet called Festivus. BeanieGirl and I drove about 5 hrs round trip and were rewarded with excellent performances all around. My Sailor, having the day off, got to tackle some much needed household chores, and get some overdue down time.

We spent Sunday (our self proclaimed 'family day' since I often work 6 days a week) battling the bills, tackling the yardwork, and getting some much needed help from our local Buy Nothing group. (Buy Nothing is probably the best social experiment ever, and we're incredibly grateful to be a part of it.)

All in all, a super productive weekend, and we move into the week anxious to continue problem solving, but most of all happy to have such an awesome little family.

While my fitness friends hit milestone after milestone, I get the chance to sit back and be coach for a while. It's fun, but I'll admit I'm just a tiny bit (okay, A LOT) jealous of the fun they are having. I know it's only a matter of time before I get to share that spotlight with them, but I sure do miss competitions. I'm training as best I can as if I have one coming up, but until the check book frees up, I won't be registering for anything any time soon. My Sailor is starting a day shift at work that involves getting up at 2am... sure, he's home by lunch, but it's going to be interesting to balance our Daddy Daughter time and our limited daycare capacity. I'm sure we'll figure it out though.

The long drive with BeanieGirl gave me lots of time to think. I thought about how gorgeous this state is, and how little of it My Sailor and I have actually experienced. That'll need to change. I thought about how lucky I am... I mean, seriously, when thinga have gotten "How am I going to keep the lights on/feed myself?" bad, something has always worked out enough to make things click back into place... thank God! A girl can only skip breakfast for so long!

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