Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pioneering, Coaching, and The Changing Landscape of 2015 (Photo Heavy)

Photo Credit: Sean Humenay
"You are a luxury item. You'll go hungry as soon as the economy makes a down-turn again."

 "Don't give up your desk job. Everyone needs a plan B."

For me 2014 was all about proving my 'street cred.' I have always been 'the girl with something to prove' and last year was no different.  There were a LOT of naysayers when it came to becoming a coach - though many had the best intentions, they didn't understand that I need to be 'all in' to be successful. So last year, I decided not to turn down a single competition, to learn all that I could, and to find a way to share the empowerment I discovered during not only lifting, but pushing myself beyond where I'd ever dreamed I'd be.

Looking back on the year through those eyes, I'd call it 'mission accomplished'.  Here's a quick glance back -

Competed in Expedition Everest, May 2014, in Disney World...

Made a dream come true, PR'd my 5k and finished 105th/5500.
Strongman August, 2014....
Finished first, after a close race with Strong Girl.
Completed my first "Murph", May of 2014
1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, and a 1 mile run.

Completed Grace RX in under 5 minutes... 30 Clean and Jerks @ 95 lbs, for time
With a fabulous group of people.
The very first Earn Awesome event outside of the Y - The Electric Run 5k.
RESET the 5k record set earlier this year in Everest...

And then there is the Olympic Weight Lifting Stuff -

Trident Open Clean and Jerk
And then there were the amazing adventures of 2014 -

Our 'Waiting' trip to Disneyland - waiting for our adoption/foster kids
Braving Category 5 Rapids with My Sailor
Explored North Shore, Hawaii...
Including swimming with sharks.
Dipping my toes in the glacial waters near Skynomish/Index, WA

Hiking around Lake Crescent
And a few random stomps through the local parks

If 2014 has taught me anything, it has taught me that there is great strength in patience, gentleness, and perseverance. In the scope of accomplishments, last year a success. It was fraught with its own unforeseen challenges and heartaches.  While we completed the paperwork for Foster-to-Adopt, the bedroom designed for our future-kids has 2 well built bunk beds that remain surprisingly empty as the New Year dawns. A few failed matches and heartbreak later, we decided to take a break from that world for a while. With our crazy schedules, it's probably been for the best.

I haven't seen my family in over a year - and we all lived in the same town until about 4 years ago, so it's a little weird. I'm still getting used to a life without my Dad, which hit a little bit closer to home when I realized that I'm following in his footsteps when it comes to blazing my own trail, no matter the criticisms.

Like any other year, it's had it's good and it's bad. But the truth is, it's FLOWN by.
So what are the new goals for 2015?
While I have my own lifting/strength training goals, it's my coaching goals that I'm most fired up about.  From helping first timers take their first steps onto the platform to helping seasoned lifters reach new potential, I'm loving every little bit of it. There's always something new to learn in this field, and with competitions on the horizon for a few of my favorite lifters, I'm excited to see where they go.

It's also amazing that 2014 has hooked me up with all the right people. Whenever a doubt or insecurity raises it's tiny voice, one of my Yodas is within ear shot and comes up with some miraculous rebuttal, or I have a session with one of the inspiring people I work with and I'm reminded of the bigger picture.  And it's suddenly hard to give those insecurities any power. They remind me everyday that fear, whether it be of judgement or others or failure or whatever, is a prison of our own design. One that has the power to keep the best of us caged up, away from the world forever - if we allow it to.  Being a part of those break through moments nearly daily feed that belief more and more.

I can't wait to see what next week brings - and the next year.

So here's to the friends made in 2014 and the ones I've yet to meet.

As for 2015?

Let's Dance.

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