Monday, March 17, 2014

Trainaversary Blog - Part 2/3 Slinging It With Supporters!

One thing 'they' don't tell you about choosing a different path in you life.

Once you discover what passion and satisfaction feels like, you have less patience for those things in your life that don't offer either or encourage either of those things. So when I passionately moved into this arena I need to be candid about this - my relationships changed. I found varied reactions when I started to publicize my journey. Some were excited, inspired, and encouraged. Others felt I was bragging. A few even turned up their noses (literally) and stopped inviting me out for coffee. After all, I'm going to talk about what I'm passionate about, and lifting wasn't really where they were at.  

So I've started building friendships in a different crowd.

But before I (re)introduce those folks, I have to introduce my top supporter -  My Sailor.
Strongman Bremerton, August 2013.
Yes there were times when my faith in the process was a bit lacking. Especially when I actually GAINED weight for a while. For so long, I'd let the scale dictate my progress, but My Sailor was quick to remind me to stick with it - always reminding me that this was (and still is) worth it. He even made a t-shirt with my face on it to be my cheering squad at the Strongman Competition. You can hear him cheering me on in the background as he acted as my camera man. Click here to check out the full blog post with videos. He's come to more than a few work outs with me and it's been great having him push me and help me along. Even if he weren't part of the military, he'd still be my hero.

Through the Trainer Guy, I've met more than a few powerful women who continue to inspire me and prove that 'impossible' is all in your mind.

Through the magic of Facebook, I continue to connect with folks all over.  

The funny thing is - when I started this, I'd motivate myself by doing it for someone else. 

Now, my lifts are for me…

And, oh, how wonderful are those lifts! It took me about 9 months to reach critical mass (where the scale starts to slowly go down as the weight comes up and the muscle increases). It's a constant, slow, downward trend, as the weights get heavier and heavier.

I remember panting my way through a the Metabolic Conditioning part of the work out early in my time with Trainer Guy, and saying, "I just can't wait until this becomes easy." He said something like, "It never gets easy. It'll get heavier and harder." But it didn't burst my bubble. It actually kind of intrigued me. I've RARELY done ANYTHING in life the 'easy' way anyway. Why start now? 

So, let's talk about slinging some weights around! 

Or maybe just check out these clips  -

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