Friday, April 26, 2013

TV and TrainerGuy Have It Out For Me

I don't watch much TV. In fact, I can live very happily without cable all together (and have for a number of years). With the internet around, I can usually find any show I'm intersted in seeing online for free, or I'll wait until they come out on DVD/Blu-Ray. At that point, I can borrow or rent them.  But I do catch a few more current shows here and there on my Hulu or Netflix accounts.

Last night, My Sailor and I got the chance to catch up on a few of our favorite shows.


If you're not familiar with these shows, Arrow is based on the comic book character Green Arrow. He's a Bruce Wayne style vigilante with a different back story than good ole Batman.  Supernatural is a show about 2 brothers who are basically monster hunters - everything from vampires to obscure beasts found in Chinese lore.

Yesterday was a strong "missing Dad" day. I'd planted the tree for Dad's memorial that I blogged about yesterday, and I also received a card from a friend offering prayers and support. The timing was great, but missing Dad, well... sucks.

We thought these shows would be a great distraction.

But no... TV has it out for me.

In this particular episode of Arrow (SPOILER ALER:stop reading now if you follow the show and don't want to know about this episode), a young child's parents are both killed by a hitman. To simplify 45 minutes of story, his temporary foster father makes an effort to comfort the boy. He tells the boy about how he lost his mother to in a car accident.  - Okay these circumstances were far enough removed from mine, that it didn't strike too much of a cord with me.


In this particular episode of Supernatural (SPOILER ALER:stop reading now if you follow the show and don't want to know about this episode), a recurring character I really like and can identify with on some level shows up. The crux of the story is that this character's parents were in a car accident. Her father had passed away from the accident, but her mother was in a coma for over 16 years. This well-loved-recurring-character had been donating to pay for her mother's care, but things had taken a turn for the worse and her mother was now only alive due to life support/a ventilator. The emotional punch-in-the-gut of this episode has to do with this character letting go of her mother. She faces the fear of losing her mom, gathers her courage, and signs for the removal of care for her mother. The episode ends with her reading a childhood story to her mom - a story her mom had read to her- one last time. 

I actually lost it after that episode for a little while. (Which, while theraputic, I wouldn't recommend it. At one point, I'm not sure why I was crying - either it was from the heavy heart or the burning skin around my still-raw eyes. Spring can transition into summer any time now!)

These actually mark the 3rd tv episodes (of the very few that I actually watch) that I've stumbled across this month that include a parent of a beloved character dying. REALLY?!  Has TV always been like this and I've just now noticed, or did I miss the memo about the story alignments for April?

Moving on...

Now, I don't really  think TrainerGuy has it out for me.

In fact, these hard workouts are what keep me sane during the week! He does his job very well.

Today, my hands graduated from callouses (from weight lifting) to a few blisters and my knees are still recovering from Wednesday's knee-down body weight lunges.

No tears this time! Just sweat and a few bumps and bruises. Colorful peices I'm earning on my way to my ultimate 'badge of badassery.' (You have to say that in a Scottish accent to get the full TrainerGuy effect, but I'm now adding that phrase to my list of work out wisdom.)

So What Am I Doing to Cope?Going to the drive-in movie tonight with My Sailor. Looking forward to checking my brain at the gate (and possibly losing my lunch) to the newest incarnation of the Evil Dead. (Insert sinster laugh from the end of Micheal Jackon's Thriller here.)

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