Thursday, April 25, 2013

In Memory Of...


This week, Mrs D sent me a really neat memorial for Dad. Since I'm not moving any time soon (ya know, mortgage and everything), she sent me a seedling tree as a living memorial to him. The company selected a tree that grows well in the area, so I got an Oregan White Oak. In the end, it'll look something like this:
 Pretty cool, huh?

Now, when Mrs. D ran this idea by me, we were kinda hoping we'd get a Magnolia tree. But everything happens for a reason, and this tree actually is very fitting. See, I grew up in a house with a GIANT oak tree in the backyard. I used to climb in it, dream in it, play fort in it... it's actually one of my best memories of my childhood. Now, we'll have our own oak tree in our back yard, embracing all of those memories of playing Indian Jones and Spy vs Spy with my brother. Trees are great places to dream - and Dad was, among other things, a big dreamer - and a big doer.

This has made me even more committed to writing and finishing the book about my childhood and family this year. I'm definately entering a different stage of the grieving process here. Today, I really  miss him. Actually, it started last night and kept me up for a while. When I did manage to sleep, he slipped into my dreams a few times. (Maybe this is just the crazy way I go through emotional times. When my grandmother passed away, she popped up in my dreams shortly after her passing as well. My guess is that it's just my subconcious working through what it needs to. And I'm very much okay with that.

San Diego Central Library (rendering)

I think the most amazing feeling in the world would be to be able to check out a book about Dad and visit the brick we're buying as a memorial to him in the same location.

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