Saturday, March 24, 2012

Highlights of the Trip - First stop, Michigan!

Meeting My Sailor's Nephew, one of his sisters, her husband, and, of course seeing his dad again!
I finally have a moment to blog and breath before I dive into work. (Saving up for a house isn't easy.)
So I thought I'd just throw up a few photos from the trip (now that I have finally uploaded them all).

Here are a few highlights!

Tasting some local Cherry Wines. Yum!

My Sailor and his Nephew enjoying some bonding time.

Enjoying some local delicacies - cupcakes in Ann Arbor!

Meeting My Sailor's friends for a couple fun nights out!

Enjoying a piece of My Sailor's history - Pinball Pete's! A good old fashioned arcade.

Playing Tron Legacy Pinball!

And of course, taking in a Red Wings Game!

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