Thursday, August 5, 2010

Never underestimate the power of family

Today, I've been on the verge of being completely overwhelmed. Often times, life doesn't go according to plan. But when those plans gone-awry mean unexpected bills, well, that really sucks a person's soul. Financially drowing is highly restrictive. I'm starving, but I can't pretend it's comfortable.

My parents have been helping me out a lot over the last 6 months. Since it's taken me so long to find a roomie, they've been helping w/ the rent. Then, a monumental tax bill from the IRS... then medical bills... etc etc...

I know what you're thinking: "Aren't there things you could cut back on?" Admittedly, there are 4 things.
#1) Netflix ($9/month)
#2) Limited Basic Cable ($2/month)
#3) Disneyland Annual Pass ($35/month)
#4) Coffee/dining out ($40/month)

Coffee/dining out varies. I rarely go out w/o a coupon, and most of my "coffee" trips are actually "tea" trips, totalling a little over $1 each. These are also not daily.

So cutting out all of that would save me a grand total of $86/month.
While it's a start, it's simply not enough.

Being a single woman working from home - getting "out" and around people is important, but I'd feel a whole lot better about doing it if I weren't gasping for financial air.

I HATE asking for help - especially in the magnitude as it's been lately.  I did just get a small raise which should show up on my next paycheck. I have a headhunter looking for a 2nd job, part time, work from home coding job for me. While I'm reluctant to take a 2nd position that requires me to do more coding from home, if I need to be a hermit for a while to get these off my back, I will.

If it weren't for my parents willingness to help w/ no strings attached, I'm frightened to think of where I'd be today.  Though I feel like I'm drowing in a sea of debt (nearly all of which bankrupcy will not cure), I'm hopeful that, with the continued love, support, and guidance of my family, I won't be drowning for long.

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