Friday, August 6, 2010

Chances and Changes

First the good news:
 It looks like my temporary roomie and friend (who has often gone by the nickname of Mud) has a new job and will be able to stay on with me. Yeah! I’m relieved that a stranger won’t be moving in. We’ve been under the same roof for over a month now, and haven’t killed each other, so that’s a good sign. In fact, he was really great about helping out while I was laid up. What a friends/family for?

More good news:

I’ve secured a good second job! I’ll be signing on the dotted line next week and will be working from home as an auditor again. While it’s no secret that I don’t love coding – I am grateful for my education in that area. It’s really helped me out and been my bread and butter. Once I get a couple of small debts paid off, I’ll be in good standings.

But today is kinda special -
 It’s rare that you’re aware that a phase of your life is ending and you’re on the cusp of something else. A completely new adventure.
  Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m ready to pack up all the good things in my life – all the good relationships, experiences, etc – and move into something new. I can’t even quite put my finger on it, but something it’s as if I’m slowly becoming aware of things changing. Sure – I have my tough days (like yesterday). But lately I’ve also had this feeling that something new is on its way. I’m at a place where I feel important decisions are coming up in my life. It’s not an anxious place – but rather a nice place of acceptance. It’s like I’m slowly coming to a place where I understand and accept all the experiences that make up me are what they are. No more negative emotions attached to them. They just were what they were – part of my shaping process. It’s a little restless. Not like I’m missing something, but rather I’m ready for a new “home”.

I’m not sure what all this will mean, but I’m interested to see how my story unfolds…

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