Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not knocking love - for a change.

I'm a die hard, stone cold, hopelessly incurable romantic.

But even the most optomistic romantic has their hiccups and lately - it's been one big hiccup. Just when I see a glimmer of hope on the relationship horizon, it's been snuffed out just as quickly. As my roommate so eloquently put it last night, "She attracts these really nice-well connected guys that just don't have their lives together." He's not the first person to say it - and honestly, I can't really argue too much with that one. I have a history of choosing the most complicated situations. However, I've come to believe that everyone is complicated - just different complications. There are just complications we live with - and complications we can't. Deciding between the two is part of the fun and painful process called "dating".

Just when I've decided to throw the towel in and do something crazy (like enroll in a convent) - an example of simple, uncomplicated, pure love comes along that reminds me that some things are worth fighting (and waiting) for.

So I wanted to share this blog with you. ThatDisneyGirl wrote a great post about her husband for his birthday.  It reminded me of all the times in my life I've been inspired to write a list of reasons why my current Mr.Wonderful is so awesome.

See guys -
Women, as you know, talk about EVERYTHING!
The good AND the bad.
That means if you send your woman flowers or do something small and sweet and thoughtful and awesome, she'll tell her friends! (Conversly, if you do something bone-headed, thoughtless, and inconsiderate, she'll tell her friends.)
So why not make sure you fill that bank with positive things whenever possible? Taking out the trash is a positive. Making her smile on a bad day is a positive. Knowing how best to enable her dreams is a positive. Doing something thoughtful is a positive.
The positive always will outweigh the boneheaded, if you keep that bank full enough. ;)

So enjoy this re-blogged post, check out ThatDisneyGirl's link above, and remind those you love why you love them.


  1. True love is wonderful! My man makes me feel young (even though I am older than he is), beautiful (even though I'm not) and infinitely precious to him.

  2. Oh, thank you for sharing this, J! I'm glad the warm fuzzies were contagious. :)