Monday, July 20, 2009

There is hot and tired and then there is HOT and TIRED!

Today I can't believe I made it into work. I got into 2am and was in bed around 3am. But man, it was a fun weekend!

After biking about 14 miles on Saturday (and ya'll know how out of shape I am, so that's quite a feat), and then spending 14 hours in Disneyland on Sunday (12 of which I'm pretty sure where on my feet), I'm surprised I made it in to work today. My housework isn't done completely yet, but it will be this week...sometime...after my work and work out hours are put in. }

And somewhere in there, I'll be back on the apartment shopping hunt and time to do something creative (like get back to singing).

As my schedule is already filling up, and the temperature here is rising, I find myself being reminded that REST is a good thing. Tonight, it's sort of forced. My DVD player has decided it's too hot to read discs, and my poor dog is going crazy with the heat, so the only thing to do now is to head to the one air conditioned room in the house - the bedroom - and call it an early (before midnight) night!

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