Friday, July 17, 2009

Movie Review - Transformers 2

I recently saw Transformers 2 (I know, I know, FINALLY) and I thought it was pretty great. I loved the action, but the adult humor got a little over the top. I didn't really hear many adults giving off more than a passing giggle at most of the jokes. Many of them received the cold shoulder all together from the exact audience they were aimed for. THAT should tell you SOMETHING.

Other than that, special effects were great and the story was more indepth than the last.

But being the intellectual that I am, I started wondering... What is it about Optimus Prime that has people of both genders enthralled with this character? In a scene where Mr. Prime is single-robot-handedly protecting Sam from robots, I realized what it was. He's the perfect man.

No, really, he is!

He's a bit of a father figure to the male community. He's a leader, intelligent, commanding physical prowess (aren't many cars bigger than a semi!) and warrior-like skills.

For the female community, he is sensative, but far from a push over. He's articulate, but able to put his oil where his mouth is. There's a tenderness about this creature that reaches out to women. As one of my theater pals put it, "I want to have his baby."

Overall though - his nobility transends gender.

For women, nobility (at least for this woman) is one of sexiest traits there is. It just breeds a sense of security.
For men, nobility makes you either want to follow or fight along side this guy. Obviously, he knows what's up!

There ya go - definately worth a see. And I hope to go back and see it in IMax with my brother and dad someday soon.

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