Saturday, September 5, 2020

When the World Paused - Day 171 - Big Steps and Tiny Whispers

 It's hard to believe that it's been over a month since I've added any notes to this. I spent many late nights getting caught up on freelance writing work and (finally) finishing my Precision Nutrition certification. Since that business is now up and running, there has been a shift in my work load, so I have a little spare time to add to this before I go to sleep.

Not much has changed in our daily lives. Going indoors to stores is still a rarity. Hikes are still a thing. 

Forest school reopened for a summer camp program and will be restarting for my kiddo in a couple weeks.  

But here's how we survived the summer (so far). 

A friend introduced us to some playful waterfall fun thanks to a little hide away spot on Gold Creek Pond trail. Well worth the detour.
Blackberries are ripe EVERYWHERE. It's a fun time of year. Nearly every walk, even around a neighborhood, comes with a sun-kissed snack.
We donned our masks and took a socially distance, contact free visit to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. We didn't brave the crowds to go in the big aquarium, but it's always a fun day anyway. The Impossible Girl is maddly in love with Trolls World Tour, which has resulted in the hip hop backwards had style and rock on hand signs at the same time. 

We made it through her 5th birthday and My Sailor's 37th birthday (long distance). 
We got back to Summer camp, masked and ready to go! It was a great, much needed time for both of us. I had some peace in the mornings to tackle my own work outs, work, and various projects that are hard to do while being the chief human in a 5 year old's life.

Local friends set up an epic painted rock hunt in our front yard. It was a fantastic surprise. 
We tackled a 5k hike through the North Kitsap Heritage Trails. I only carried her for about a mile, and even that was broken up into 2 sections - mostly down hill, thankfully. There are no epic views on this trail. Just miles of quiet forest to explore.
I came up some with delicious dinners, including a carmelized sweet potatoes (okay, I admit, I like them a little blackened) and some improvised mung bean noodle soup.
We've been on 2 kayaking adventures that have us absolutely excited to keep this up. The weather has been beautiful and helpful.

Without Summer Camp or School right now, days are super loose. I'm working on developing my business little by little, and I've lined up some of the specialists to come out and look at the house and discuss options with us. The Y is reopening and for the clients who aren't comfortable going back, I have a shed coming to the house, as well as some gear to make a sheltered lifting space here at home. Personally, I am looking forward to having a space to lift where she can play safely nearby and not in group care.
I'm making significant progress organizing and managing the home front. (To any 'stay at home mom' I ever short changed - ya'll are amazing.) The Impossible Girl is growing up during a pandemic, and she will likely remember these days at her age. So, we keep plugging along. 

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