Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Quick and Dirty Honest Update

The reason behind our Spokane Adventure - Lindsey Stirling!
She's an amazing contemporary violinist. Click Here to See one of my favorite songs.

As our last holiday as a twosome approaches, I figured it's about time for a photo heavy, short and sweet update. We've taken advantage of some of the time and snuck off for a quick overnight trip to Spokane. Neither of us have ever been to Eastern Washington, so it was a nice little get-away. We had gotten tickets months before for the Lindsey Stirling concert. It was completely worth it, even though we got seated next to someone who clearly belonged at a metal concert, rather than Pop violin music. Either way, it was totally worth it. I can't wait until more of the world sees this amazing talent.

The next day, we explored Riverfront Park, which was GORGEOUS.

And, in case you're wondering, yes, I am looking more and more pregnant, but it didn't stop me from getting in a good 5 miles or so around the city.  I couldn't have helped but think that my dad would have loved a trip like this - good food (we'd stopped at an Irish pub for dinner), great music, and a trip to a historic (beautiful) park and library. It would have been completely up his alley, and the thought of that made me smile. It eased some of the bittersweet feelings that sometimes creep up on me when I get to thinking too much about him missing out being a grandfather. But those thoughts are quickly remedied by remembering that he's not missing out. This is the adventure all of us were supposed to have - and it's perfect just the way it is.

A couple weeks later, we had some good fortune and ended up doing a quick trip to California, thanks to some frequent flier miles, a friend with a cabin, and some Disney Gift Cards I'd saved up for a rainy day.

Obligatory Pre-parade smooch
I wasn't sure what to expect from this trip, other than knowing that I wanted to see some of the 60th up close and personal - and My Sailor hadn't been to Disney in FAR too long. The funny thing was, it was actually kind of nice and relaxing. Sure, there were a few rides I didn't go on (lap belts and baby bumps don't mix), but we had a good time just soaking in the atmosphere. I was concerned about our shoestring budget, but ya know what? When I look back on this trip, I barely remember the cut backs we made. I remember going on the Haunted Mansion a few times - seeing the Hatbox Ghost up close and personal. I remember My Sailor getting his first set of Mouse ears, and watching the Paint the Night Parade a little overwhelmed by the thought that the next time I see a Disney Parade in person, it'll be with The Bean (on the outside, rather than the inside).  I'll remember the new World of Color and the way it was a fitting tribute to Walt.

As for everyday life, I'm still working out - and yes, it's all plenty safe.

The biggest challenges I've found with workout have come from overheating (hard not to do in the dead of summer - and the hottest, dryest summer Washington has seen in a long time) and low blood sugar. (Yes, my gestational diabetes test came back as clean as a whistle.) I've learned to sip at something sweet while I workout, and I keep a piece of fruit or two close at hand throughout the day. I take a few more rest days, but I'm still moving well, and that bodes well for me, The Bean, and recovery.

I went to a friend's baby shower - the first baby shower I didn't avoid. Some friends will be helping us out with throwing us a shower soon as well - which will ease some of the worry.
New parents always worry - so I expected that. Granted, it's nearly all financially based. See, Washington state doesn't have any temporary disability program for new mothers, and I work for myself, which means I can take as much leave as I want - if I'm willing to rebuild the business and/or take the financial hit. Since summer has been a bit of a slow season (which is awesome in some respects - ensuring I can physically get enough rest), it means I need to be back in the gyms training folks as soon as I can walk again. We're looking into places that offer daycare before 6 weeks of age. It'll be tricky, but ya know what? We're not the first people to figure it out. We won't be the last.

It's amazing the amount of judgement that comes with parenthood. And I'm sure we'll make our fair share of mistakes, but ya know, that's our journey - Mine, My Sailor's, and The Bean. In the end, every family does what works for them.

I'm hoping to be able to put together a 5 day trip to one of the Disney parks over the holidays, but we'll see how it all rolls out. For now, we're taking it one days a time.

And it's still good.

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